I will be happy to give some feedback...the main thing is that it was AWESOME! We had such a great time. There were many highlights. Il Sereno was spectacular. The First Arte in Rome was a great hotel for us and truly felt like an apartment. We had the same guide in Rome both days and she did a great job telling Zander stories to keep him interested in what was going on. All the transfers were easy to figure out etc. One of the main highlights for me was the winery we visited. I would send people there all the time. Yuliya can probably provide some more feedback. Only negatives were the heat and the crowds but we knew that going in. Thank you for all your help on this. We are traveling to England in June next year and we are going to start planning earlier this time around!

- Matt

Hi Gail!!

WOW. So we're both still a bit jetlagged and fully processing the end of our trip, but WOW is all that we can say. We even said on the trip that we couldn't wait to email and thank you for what you put together for us. It was PERFECT.

The weather, amazingly, REALLY held out for us. We had a spot of rain one evening in London, and a shower while up in the Highlands for one day, but we were expecting it and it didn't spoil any of our activities or our mood.

Truly from top to bottom, the logistics were on point. You were right - the AXUS app was amazing and so helpful. Every transport and car and train ride just worked, no issues at all. The timing was all perfect - even the early morning transfer from the Cotswolds back to London, we had plenty of time to get to our train up to Edinburgh. The car service felt incredibly luxe and comfortable, and we felt very taken care of.

London was a whirlwind-we walked and tubed all around, and the Bustronome was excellent! Very fun and delicious food.

The Old Bank Rooms in the Cotswolds were extremely comfortable, and we loved that our room overlooked the water. It was a great reprieve of a weekend.

Scotland was by far our favorite part-the Kimpton was so comfortable and so special. I definitely would recommend to others going to stay there. The Highlands trip was incredible-we had only 7 others in our group, which I think was the perfect amount in the bus so we all had room to stretch out. Our tour guide Ross was amazibg, and knew the entire country like the back of his hand. We especially loved the second bed and breakfast (Fasgath Inn) due to the incredibly welcoming nature of the host, Shelagh, and the comfort of the en suite room. Speaking to other guests on the tour that stayed elsewhere, I think we had the best bed and breakfast experience, so thank you for that!!

The food tour in Edinburgh was also a real highlight. Jonathan, our tour guide, was a great blend of incredibly knowledgeable and very fun, and we ended the night really getting to know more history of the city and laughing together. I would 100% continue to recommend that tour, and Jonathan if possible.

The Whisky Experience was also great-the barrel ride did break down while we were on it, lol, but the rest of the tasting and the food completely made up for it. The level of the food tasting really surprised us, and was a perfect way to start our Scotland leg.

Thank you again so, so much. We were shocked at how relatively “easy” all of our traveling was, and we have you to thank. We can’t wait to start planning our next trip sometime in the future.

Warmly, - Jaclyn and Scott

Hello Jeff - I just received a note from the Stephenson's. They are so pleased with everything. Hotels, drivers, tours. Not a glitch. I thought you would like to know that so far everything has been perfect. Thank you for all your hard work and attention to details.

- Linda Gunther Travel Travel

Thank you, Jeff. All but her son’s luggage arrived but that is manageable. They love the Salzburg hotel and say it’s amazing. Thank you for your hard work on this you have been one of the easiest vendors to work with!!

- Katherine Rogers Andavo Travel

Hi Barton - I wanted to make sure to check back in with you after the Sessions traveled to Oxford, London, and Cornwall. They have absolutely raved about their vacation! They were very impressed with how upscale and well thought out every detail of the vacation was. She asked me if I had requested special care be taken care of them. Of course, I told her "Yes", but I also told her that is my impression of how Eurobound works. I had explained to them that this was my first time partnering with Eurobound.

- Wendy Mercer Classic Travel Connection

The personal guides were our favorite part!! Gallina in London for a couple of 4-hour private tours was exceptional. She was friendly, knowledgeable, and fun! We enjoyed every minute with her. Also, the seamless transfers to and from the hotels and suggestions from her for activities, restaurant and shopping suggestions were invaluable and gave us such a great feel for the city! The first-class train to Paris was wonderful! Such a fun experience.

- Jennifer Gouk Departure Lounge

Bri & Paul - I just wanted to say Thank You & let you both know that Mrs. Massey & her 2 sons had a wonderful trip to Germany. I was finally able to speak with her this afternoon and she said everything went very smoothly and overall, it was a great trip! She loved the guides and was so appreciative of someone calling her on the day she arrived to check in.

Thank you and your team in Germany for assisting in putting together this wonderful trip.

- Christy Pane SmartFlyer

I adore "working" with Eurobound. They are quick, professional, really on point with client wishes, and add thoughtful touches. They go above and beyond for our mutual clients. Love that they use the AXUS app and my clients are so impressed with it. Love the messaging features as well. This is my GO-TO vendor for all things Europe.

- Suzanne Pitt Cruises and Tours Unlimited