Lifelong memories for them. Peace of mind for you.

Eurobound is a U.S. based, full-service DMC for Europe, specializing in customized independent travel and small-group tours. Working exclusively with travel agents, we are truly a one-stop shop, for travel agents.

We create bespoke proposals tailored to your client’s interests - whether it be exclusive luxury or family-friendly value.

Our offices in the U.S. and Europe provide unparalleled customer service and our level of customization and flexibility make us unique in the industry.

Each itinerary is personalized and created with expert knowledge that is impossible to find when searching online. From complex multi-country itineraries to tailored options for multi-generational families, we go beyond to give your clients what they want.

We offer a full range of five and four-star curated properties. Plus, we provide a full range of services including; commercial air, tours, transfers, rail, car rentals, private air, yachts, restaurant reservations and more.


Our U.S. and Europe-based team has expert knowledge of every European country and can provide clients with insider access to top attractions and hidden gems. Having staff based in Europe also enables us to utilize the time difference to deliver proposals, usually within 24-48 hours.

It’s so important to get the most out of every journey. This is why we only offer custom private and small-group tours led by expert guides who are engaging and knowledgeable. They provide a superior experience that large, commercial coach touring simply can’t match. Also, we offer personalized options for private guides using public transportation and taxis to keep costs down.

Eurobound provides a one-stop resource for booking the entire package. We do the research, proposal preparation, revisions and confirmations and then triple check the details before releasing the final itinerary. This allows us to deliver seamless itineraries providing peace of mind for both the agent and the traveler. Eurobound assumes the stress of the back-office coordination required to deliver outstanding itineraries.

Especially today, travel is never completely predictable and unforeseen events can occur. That is why Eurobound includes emergency local contact numbers for every aspect of your client’s itinerary. Having someone to talk to locally, and the peace of mind this brings, is invaluable.

All Eurobound itineraries come with a free download of the AXUS Travel App enabling travelers to have their complete itinerary at their fingertips. With updates in real-time, such as changes to flight gate information, the app provides easy access to all details of the client’s travel plans, including e-vouchers in PDF form.