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“The land of Fire and Ice” is home to some of the largest glaciers in Europe, and some of the most active volcanoes in the world. It is also the most sparsely populated country in Europe with only about 330,000 inhabitants. And, it is filled with beautiful nature, wonderful food, plus inspiring art and culture. So it should not be a surprise that all of this has been a boon to tourism, now the country’s number one export. Before you go, below are a few ideas for a beautiful trip along with some tips to consider. For example, find out how to avoid hot tub awkwardness. Be a responsible traveler, respect the harmony with Mother Nature. Stay Safe in Iceland, all this beauty can be brutal. Discover Iceland’s winter sports and set your adrenaline free. Lastly, driving in Iceland, we seen some crazy weather conditions are unlike those at home.


  • Cultural discoveries - Due to Iceland's geographical location, it was mostly outside the influence of contemporary culture in Europe and America, until the late nineteenth century. Discover how isolation and strong forces of nature has shaped its traditions and culture.
  • A Place of Many Contrasts – The Land of Fire and Ice or Light and Darkness, experience for yourself how the environment plays a significant role in one’s connection to the mysteries of life.
  • Pure Iceland – Just 20 minutes out of the capital you will be in the wilderness into the seclusion of spectacular landscapes. The purity of the country is one of the main reasons life expectancy is so high in Iceland, something we all can and should discover.
  • It’s Not All About the Outdoors – There’s definitely a vibrant creative arts scene in Iceland, somewhat different from other art centers. But you already knew not to expect the ordinary.