Let Eurobound customize the perfect European travel package, created with you and your client in mind. Some of the destinations we offer:

Help your client wind their way into in the Alps and to the diverse, intensely beautiful and unique country of Switzerland. While noshing on fine Swiss cheese and chocolate may be all on your client's must-do list, there is so much more to experience in this special country. Visit historical old towns, castles, churches, and convents; enjoy a bike ride on any of the Alps well-kept trails; or enjoy a panoramic rail trip through the Alpine scenery, a romantic boat trip on a river or an excursion with a nostalgic paddle steamer on one of the famous Swiss lakes.


  • Be spellbound at Château de Chillon, a masterful 100-building castle made popular by Lord Byron and today sought out by tourists as well as artists and writers looking for solitude, beauty and inspiration on the shore of Lake Geneva.
  • With an exhibit that spans a range of more than 2,200 years, starting with the Ancient Greek Olympics and continuing to the modern Games, the Olympic Museum on the shores of Lake Geneva in Lausanne is an impressive stop.
  • Originally created as a temporary water outlet, the now infamous Geneva Jet D'eau is one of Geneva's most recognizable attractions.
  • Located on the far eastern side in the Canton Graubünden, the Swiss National Park was founded in 1914 as one of the Europe's first national parks, and remains the only national park in Switzerland.
  • See trains, plane and automobiles - not to mention ships and EURECA, a four and a half ton satellite - at the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne.